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I worked the cupcake sale for St. Patrick's Day at the girls' school this morning.  So many of the kids were decked out in green, eating green food, wearing funny green hats...The music teacher came over and asked the group of parent's if any of us were Irish and whether we thought it made sense that we could celebrate this religious-based holiday and not so many others - or why not do others - or how to choose which heritages were celebrated and which weren't.  I confessed that i had not known much about the history of Ireland or the representative colors of the warring Catholic and Protestant factions until about midway through college.  I think a lot of that lack of knowledge comes, in general, from not having a lot of World history/current events taught to me in Jr/High school - this holiday has generally always been to me what it seemed to be to these kids - a day in Spring when people where green and talk about magical little creatures who like rainbows and gold.  So I wore my geen shirt today - and I sold cupcakes - and I didn't talk politics with the grade school kids.  The money from the sale goes to Jeremiah's Inn (a homeless shelter) as part of the second grade curriculum on Community. 

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